About Me

about me

I’ve been playing saxophone for 20 years and writing music for the last 15. After playing in a number of bands through high-school I continued paying and writing while doing undergraduate degrees in science (mmathematics) and music. I graduated from both degrees and completed an honours research year in music composition, studying with the great Australian composer Miroslav Bukovsky.

After picking up some mathematical modelling work, I became interested in combining my mathematics and music and in 2013 I headed to South Korea to start a PhD at KAIST. My PhD research was focused on applications of machine learning for music.

In 2014 I moved to Monash University and completed my PhD under the supervision of Jon McCormack and Vince Dziekan. My thesis: ‘Adaptive Music Scores for Interactive Media’ was successfully examined and published in mid 2018. It provides an analysis into how machine learning can be used to adapt human-composed music for interactive media. It also documents the creation of a novel adaptive scoring system utilising deep learning, evolutionary models and mult-agent systems.

Since 2014 my work has been increasingly involved with deep learning. I explore both novel model development and new applications of existing models, but always with a user-first approach. My goal is to the reflexive, learning behaviour of AI systems to challenge creative pracitioners and nudge them towards new areas of creative exploration. I apply this to music, film and artistic practices.

After finishing my PhD I continued to work at Monash University as a Creative AI researcher and was a part of SensiLab.

Since early 2019 I have been working as the first employee at AiMi Inc..

You will usually find me knee deep in Tensorflow or PyTorch with some Wayne Shorter coming through my headphones and a coffee in my hand. I love talking to people doing new and interesting things with the arts and AI - so get in touch through email and twitter.