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I'm a composer and A.I. researcher. Often, I'm working in the cross section of these two areas. I'm particularly interested in using computers to explore questions of how and why we make and enjoy music, and to question what form creativity can take when we use programmable tools.

I also do more traditional music composition, such as writing for film, games and self-published music albums.

I grew up in a household filled with music and picked up the clarinet in the school band, but the big turning point in my life was switching to saxophone and discovering the music of Frank Zappa when I was 11 years old. In highschool, I joined several bands and started quietly writing music. After school I went on to study music and mathematics at the Australian National University and finally began sharing my compositions and getting them played.

I spent a year doing an honours research project on composing for jazz orchestra and at the same time started working as a research assistant doing mathematical modelling for water resource management. I started to learn programming and became interested in the idea of applying statistical and fuzzy mathematical models to music composition.

After 18 months studying audio/visual programming in South Korea (KAIST) I started a PhD on adaptive music scores for interactive media at Monash University where I am currently preparing to submit my thesis.